Pro-Flora Adult Chewable Value Pack


Pro-Flora Adult Chewable Value Pack

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NEW! 90 COUNT CHEWABLE TABLETS (3-Bottle Value Package) Introductory Pricing! Limited Time

Contains 2.5 billion CFUs of live organisms per tablet

Pro-Flora Adult Strength Chewable Probiotics are a convenient and tasty way to keep a healthy gut and maintain long-term wellness. The ingredients and probiotic strains in Pro-Flora chewables are ideal for treating:

IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO IMPROVE digestive regularity, then Pro-Flora™ is for you. Everyone needs a healthy digestive system. The Pro-Flora™ formula provides maximum protection – it’s just what your intestines ordered!

Dr. Shahani’s Pro-Flora™ is formulated with two complementary probiotic strains – designed for optimal effectiveness. The DDS-1 strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus predominates in the small intestine, and Bifidobacterium Bifidum colonizes in large numbers in the large intestine and colon. This combination works to maintain the best possible health and protection for the digestive system.

Pro-Flora™ is comprised of selectively isolated and especially cultured pure probiotic strains, which were researched for over four decades by Dr. Shahani, the most respected name in probiotic research. Each tablet contains 2.5 billion live organisms (CFU).

If you are one of the millions of Americans with poor digestive health, then start on the road to good health with Dr. Shahani’s Pro-Flora™ probiotic, you will feel the difference!

Benefits of Pro-Flora™ chewable probiotic tablets (based on documented research):

  • All the benefits of Dr. Shahani’s brand of the DDS-1 strain of L. acidophilus, plus:
  • Helps digest proteins and carbohydrates
  • Enhances immune response
  • Aids in the alleviation of ‘traveler’s diarrhea’ and constipation
  • Assists in the production of B-vitamins
  • Supports liver function
  • Crowds out bad bacteria in the intestines

1.25 billion live Colony Forming Units (CFU) of probiotic bacteria per capsule at time of manufacture. The DDS-1 strain of L. acidophilus 50%, B. Bifidum 50%.

Enzyme-modified vegetable and/or dairy protein based medium fortified with natural proteoses, peptones, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and growth promoting and stabilizing constituents.

To be taken orally. Take 1 tablet 1-3 times daily with food. There is no Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for probiotic bacteria.

To insure potency and for best results, keep refrigerated. May be kept un-refrigerated for short periods of time (up to 4 weeks), but must be kept away from moisture, heat, light, and air. Use within one year from time of purchase.

Manufactured entirely in the USA

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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